RIP Michael Jackson

I was being very emotional these few days, as I was watching too much of MJ's music videos, listening too much of MJ's songs and also reading too much of his death. I feel deeply sad over the passing of the King of POP. After more than 25 years, and I am a mother of 2 girls now, I still IDOL him. Last night, I watched "They Don't Care About Us" music video at home, and today I found out that it is one of his most controversial tracks in which he brought in a hip-hop influence. The playful melody is so impactful, not only the adult like it, the children also like it. I was amazed by his dance, his always perfect timing "oooo, awww, hehehe, uuuh, ...." , and also his voice. His performance is fantastic. His accomplishment is tremendous. Seriously, no one can be replicated to make such beautiful performance on stage. There will never be another Michael Jackson. If you didn't like him, the problem wasn't with Michael Jackson, but...

I found this from youtube. This MJ's fan put all the scenes of him in his world tour concerts. When he was singing "You are not alone", they arranged a female fan to go up and dance with him. He held them tight, held their hair and knelt in front of them. I wish that I was one of the lucky girls. If I could that close to him, and I would just let go everything and kiss him on his lips.

Wacthing this is making me cry. Today news said that a video showed Michael Jackson vigorously practicing a song-and-dance routine days before his death.

Michael Jackson, while thin, is seen dancing with energy. He wants to take back his world. 13 July, the London concert, he is going to show the world his most inspiring performance, why can't just once? The death god should have given him another 2 more weeks to tell the world.

You may ask what is so great of MJ that makes the world grieve on his death.
Here the answer from his brother Jermaine Jackson, "The legacy of Michael Jackson is Michael being a wonderful person, a wonderful father, a caring person, a humanitarian, a person who wanted good for everyone, a person who would give his last whatever just to make someone happy. "

"What he's done for the world, not just the financial, but the happiness of people…What kind of price can you put on that? How do you value that? The joy…to make someone happy, to make someone smile through your actions, through what you're doing, there's no price for that."

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