Salad for lunch

My working life isn't that bad actually, as I have very good colleagues here. Like I mentioned in the Nice breakfast entry, where we got free breakfast from Yvonne on Monday morning. On Tuesday, Lorita prepared us the salad at lunch time. Salad is my all time favourite, as it is healthy and delicious. So, these are actually the best moment for me during working time.
Working life is tiring. Working mother is stressful, when we need to deal with the heavy work load and also some unpleasant things and people at work. We are always racing with the clock. Our schedule is always fully packed. So, it is very lucky, if we can have thoughtful and good colleagues.
The food is nice, and I feel so sweet.

Yvonne asked me when is my turn to treat them back. Give me some time, I'll arrange it. My next plan is making Onde Onde.


  1. hmm, well then, we'll wait patiently for your Onde Onde ya.. ;))

  2. I'm looking forward Onde Onde too :-D