Soups of the week 2

Last weekend, I made another 2 soups for my family, as my children must have rice with soup. First one was the black bean soup. The idea was also getting from wokkingmum in her entry.
Chicken and pork,
100g Black Beans,
10 Red Dates, pitted
Salt to taste

I actually soaked the black beans for 3 hours before I boiled it with all the ingredients. That's why the soup didn't look that black here. The soup was tasted quite sweet and my two princesses loved it.

Second one was this corn and carrot soup.
1 Corn,
2 Carrot,
2 Tomato,
10 Red Dates, pitted
Salt to taste
I put all the ingredients in a pot, boiled for 3 hours, then add salt before serve.

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