Surprise !

Monday, I found a Skynet delivery notice in my letter box, it stated that I have a parcel with them. While I was still wondering what is the parcel that I will get, I called Skynet to re-arrange for the delivery to my company instead.

Finally, I got my parcel in this morning. The sender was Danone Dumex. After thinking for a while, I knew it must be the mother's day story contest that I took part in May. OMG! I won it. How come I didn't get any notification up front? I unwrapped the parcel quickly.
It is the Busy Bouncin' Zoo of Playskool. I found a letter of notification inside the parcel as well. Yes, it confirmed that it was this summary entry that made me a winner in the contest, Yeah! In fact, I seldom win anything in any contest in my life. So, I am really overwhelm this time. I still haven't decided who to give to yet.After calming down from the excitement, I started to check their website and I found that my name and article were pubished in the website below.

Everyone love surprise. Thanks http://www.dumex.com.my/ for the surprise. You make my day.