Talk 3 - UCMAS Mental Arithmetic

Like I mentioned in my earlier entry. I registered April in UCMAS Mental Arithmetic (Xin Xuan ) class last Friday. Before the day, I was still a bit hesitated, as other than her normal kindergarten class on the weekdays, she has to attend the art class on Sunday. I was concerning about too many extra lessons and may cause more pressure on her. I persuaded her by saying that Mental Arithmetic class has no homework and it is not a lecture type. It is more fun and etc..... Then, she went together with May. May was in another class, which is I-Maths. I-Maths provided the children blocks in different shapes, and they may need to form some objects by using the blocks. I-Maths and as well as Mental Arithmetic is good in stimulating the children's brain and developing their mental, and the children are learned to have better focus and faster responsive.

After they returned from the first lesson, and I quickly settled them and brought them up to bed. April and May were like a chatter box, as they were still very excited of their accomplishment in the evening. Especially April, she was so thrilled over all the new items in the new course work bag.

We talked for a while. I remembered this particularly.
April said, "Mommy, I want to go to Xin Xuan everyday, can I?".
I said, "No, you only go on Wednesday and Friday, mei mei is going only on Friday.".
April said, "I like to go to Xin Xuan.".
I said, "I know.".
April said, "I like the new bag, the new pencil case, the abacus and also the books.".
April again, " I like the teacher. Teacher gave me a lot of stars in my exercise books already.".
April again said, "Mommy, today I am very happy.".
I said, "Mommy is happy too.".
I again, "Mommy is happy as you like Xin Xuan so much. Now, you have to close your eyes and sleep. Since you are so happy, you will have a sweet dream tonight.".



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