Talk 4 - Mommy's favourite

One evening after the usual dinner at PIL's house, we headed back to home sweet home. While the car was passing by some houses, April saw something that I actually saw too.

Then April said to me, "Mummy, I saw something in that house that you like very much one.".
I said, "What's that?".
April said , "Baby-la! You like baby one.".
I smiled and said, "How you know mummy likes baby?".
April said, "I know la! ".
I was speechless. April was so observant. I actually like babies. Whenever I saw my neighbour holding baby, I would sure go near the baby and play with the baby. So, I think that's how April gets to know that I like baby.


  1. Is it time for another one?

  2. Yvonne, if I go for another one, mean I have to stop working already. Do you really want this to happen?