Talk 8 - I hope we won't die

I feel a bit uneasy today. As usual morning, I sent April and May to babysitter's house before I headed to office.
In the car, April suddenly said, "Mummy, I want to tell you one thing.".
Mummy said, "Say it.".
April continued, "I hope we won't die .".
Mummy shocked, "Won't one Darling, don't be silly. If we live healthy, drink plenty water, wash legs and hands more often, we will be healthy and long life. ".
Am just thinking of consoling her by saying so.
Then mummy puzzled and asked April, "Who are the WE?".
April said, "You and me.".
Mummy said, "Don't worry, silly girl!".
May be April was under pressured, as hubb scolded her for her bad handwriting in her homework just right before the bedtime. Before I turned off the light, she also gave me a teddy bear hug. She must be very upset for getting scolded by the father.


  1. No more MJ stories to your kids, please....

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