Tribute to Michael Jackson

I didn't have any IDOL until I saw this man walking up and down the stages many times to receive his musical awards in The Grammy Award 1984. He taught me the word of IDOL, and he was my first IDOL. When I recalled, I was about 10 years old that time, and I used to kiss on his poster that pasted on my bedroom wall.

What I can do now is listening to all his songs, and missing him. His songs shall not categorise as those oldies, as they sound so latest and up to the date. Although all he great songs were created back in 25 years, they haven't been faded in his fans' memory until today.
Actually, we shall not just listen to his songs, we have to watch his songs. I can still remember Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller, Black or White, Bad and Remember The Time MTVs clearly. They are all fantastic music videos that you cannot miss. If you have missed out them, try to locate them again in youtube. Otherwise, it is your loss.

I feel deeply sympathized and sorry on his childhood memory, his bad experience on the child molestation court case, and all the harmful rumours about him. I believe in Michael Jackson. He is the King of POP, he is the true legend, he is rocking the world. So glad that I was one of them that growing up in his greatest music achievement in the 80s.
To me, he is not only a great performer, he is also a loving father to his 3 children. He always loves children and he cares about the world. You can learn this from the below video. I have no other words to say, except this....Thank you, Michael Jackson, RIP.

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