Chrysanthemum Tea Drink

Last Thursday, April was having mild fever and coughing so badly. I was so worrying of her. We wanted to bring her to see doctor in the evening, but the clinics were all full and packed with patients. April was tired and sleepy, so we decided not to waste time, and just went home to let her rest earlier. I kept waking up mid of the night to touch on her forehead. Thank God that she didn't develop to more severe fever on the next morning. As she had to attend a mathematics competition, we still let her go to school after feeding her the Paracetamol. We got her check by the Paediatrician in the afternoon, the PD confirmed that her throat was infected. So, we brought home a few bottles of medicine, which included antibiotics (Cedax), cough mixture (Prospan), flu medicine (Piriton) and Singulair. The PD also advised us to let her take more fluid and avoid her from crowded places. Then, I thought of boiling the Chrysanthemum Tea drink to ease her sore throat.
Quickly I went to the nearest Chinese medical hall to get a pack of Chrysanthemum Tea and a pack of Cyrstal sugar.
3 Liter Water
40g Chrysanthemum Tea
200g Crystal Sugar / Rock Sugar

How to prepare:
1. Cook the water in a pot until it fully boiled.
2. Add in the Chrysanthemum Tea and Cyrstal Sugar.
3. Off the fire after the Crystal Sugar melted (about 10 minutes).
4. Filter the Chrysanthemum Tea.

The only way I can get them to drink more water was to serve them in the milk bottle. April could drink 4 full bottles of Chrysanthemum Tea everyday on last weekend, of course with some coaxing, threatening and as well as bribing .

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