A drawing

April likes to draw and she can draw quite well too. She will show me her drawing every time she has done one. This piece of drawing was one of those I like the best one.

The drawing tells me this.
"One sunny day, there were 3 big houses build next to each other. The middle house was slightly bigger that the other 2 houses. It was the parents' house, the two children were staying at the left or the right house individually, just next to the parents. These 3 houses were connected to one and another by a corridor. On top of the corridors were a heart shape clouds. There were some more clouds on top of the houses. There were another 2 heart shape clouds on the roof. "

Can you comprehend this drawing?
I really like this drawing and the meaning in it. Thank you, Sweetheart.

** I love the drawing as I can see that April has no longer drawing a big mansion for everyone to stay in together. She started to draw 3 separate houses. This means that she is growing to be more independent now. However, she still wants to keep in the close contact with the parents and sibling, that's why she drew the corridors to link the 3 houses together. The heart shape clouds tell me love is always all around the air. **


  1. Looks like a big castle with 3 tall towers to me. Very good imaginary :)
    I wish Avery is as creative as April.

  2. Yvonne, I took the drawing back and asked her to explain. Bingo! She explained the drawing exactly like what I thought.