Fried Egg with Dried Meat Dice

I got a very nice cooking recipe blog from Hayley's blog. The first dish that I tried to make from the recipe was this fried egg with dried meat dice.

First, cut the dried meat dice into smaller piece. Second, break and beat 3 eggs in a bowl.
Next, heat up the wok with oil, pour in the eggs . When the eggs almost dried, scatter the dried meat dice on top of the eggs. Continue to fry until the eggs cooked.
Turn the eggs to the other side.
Lastly, scoop out the fried egg and serve in a plate.


  1. i learn alot from the website too.. i think my next target is 罗汉果冬瓜糖水, Fructus Momordicae Winter Melon dessert. hehe.

  2. Yes Hayley, that website is really good. Lot more to learn from there.