August school break start

I got these new cute hair ties for my two princesses from Shopalot outlet. Though they already have tons of hair accessories. I still couldn't resist the temptation to buy these when I went shopping with my best buddy, Cannie on Saturday.
Saturday evening, my neighbour invited us for her 15 year old daughter's birthday party. Hubb was on shift work, and it was raining. I decided not to bring my two princesses there, partly because of the fear for the H1N1 virus too. I went to the party alone. After having some snacks like my most favourite bubur cha cha, watermelon, chicken wing and fried rice, I also brought back some snacks like sausages and fish balls for my children.
One gentle reminder, while the children are taking sausages and fish balls, please keep a watchful eye on them. We must always remind them to eat slower with smaller bites to prevent choking hazard.

April came back from her Sunday art class. She looked fantastically happy. She showed me her finished art work, at the same time she told me that she got 2 rubber stamps this time from the art teacher. Usually, she only got one stamp. Only excellent work will entitle more stamps.

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