Happy Birthday to Sasa

Thinking and looking at all my girl friends. Those particularly closer with me one, all pretty pretty belaka. I'm serious. It is my blessing to have good looking friends, as when I go out with them, I will try to look good as well, so that we won't have such big gap in our appearance. Boo hoo!

Louissa is one of my very pretty girl friends. She is a always well looking, well dress, well make-up, well hair-do, well spoken and well manner person.
Picture taken in 2004, we reunited after a year I left both Sasa and Su In in Agilent. Wakakaka.

Picture taken in 2006. I cropped myself out in this pic. I looked really horrible here, as I was so swollen that time in my second pregnancy. See, I try to look my best when I have to be with Sasa, but if I fail, I better don't spoilt the whole scene.

Picture taken in 2008. Sasa, listen. I want to wish you Happy Birthday on 31 August 2009. I wish you to have forever beauty, forever youth, forever wealth, forever health, forever joy and forever peace of mind. Once you are my friend, you forever my friend. I love you.

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