Mummy's princesses

My girls are just like the rest of the little girls, they want to be a princess, they like to dress up and look beautiful. On normal day, when we were in the rush to go out, they would just look normal and plain.
April likes to wear dress and skirt. She hates wearing pants especially short pants. She always gives me a lot of headaches when choosing clothes for her.
May is a bit cincai type. She won't make a fuss on whatever clothes I want to put on her.

On fine day, I would try to put in more hard work on dressing them up. I would also need to tie their hair and put on some nice hair accessories.
Their most favourite hair accessory was this tiny tiara.

When April saw me putting a lip gross, she also wants to put her Nivea Cherry lip balm.
Both of them are very happy, whenever I said to them that they are my lovely princesses. April always asked me to repeat the statement that she is my princess.

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