My all time favourite breakfast

I was down with bad cough and sore throat and caused me losing my appetite. I only missed my all time favourite cereal - Quaker Oatmeal and condensed milk. I mixed 3 big spoons of Quaker oatmeal in a bowl with water, and heat it up in microwave for 1 minute. Last I poured in the condensed milk for better taste. The amount of the milk is up to individual preference on the sweetness.
This is the most healthy, nutritious and low fat breakfast that I love the best.


  1. Guess what this is what i've been eating also. Yupe it taste better with condensed milk than sugar or honey!
    I'm taking the instant oatmeal, so no need to cook in microwave, pour hot water will do.

  2. Hi Sukkimi,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I put in the microwave so that i can have smoother texture.