No toy for May

May skipped her nap again a few days ago. I have set nap time as a must for them, be it at the babysitter's house or at home. So, apart from skipping the nap, May was also showing multiple tantrums literally on the same day. I told her that she was not entitled for the new toy that I have promised earlier. I purposely gave April a new toy in front of May, just to let them know that, good behavior will be rewarded and bad behavior will be punished.

The punishment was quite bad as well. On that evening, May has no TV, no toy and no story telling, and she has to go to bed right after the dinner. April was happy that May was finally punished, as most of the time, she was the one being punished. She even wrote this on the whiteboard.This is because, I wrote "No TV for April" before when April skipped her nap last time. This jie jie remembered it so well, so she helped me to write "no toy for May", without needing me to ask her for a favour. Don't know should I laugh or cry. T______T.

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