The purchase in the month of August

Ever since I got children and set up my small family, I seldom spent the money on the unnecessary items, especially on entertainment. Occasionally, we did go for dining and movie, but that was quite limited expense on this aspect. Besides, I am in IT line, so there are so many sources for us to have access on dramas and songs. I don't want to name it all here. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

The last time I bought the original CD was back in year 2005. It was Daniel Lee's first album. I bought that, it was because I wanted to show my support to him, after voting him to be the Malaysian Idol. The last original VCD was even long long time ago. I bought the Meteor Garden original VCD in year 2002. Since then, I didn't buy any original CD, VCD or DVD anymore. @____@.

This month was a bit different. I bought a MJ's DVD and a MJ's CD. If you are following my blog, you should know the answer why I spent the money on these.
My house has 4 members, 3 were the big fans of the King of Pop. Therefore, it is still worthwhile to invest in his original albums as our collection.

These few evenings, April and May separately whispered in my ear and said that "I like Michael Jackson.". Slap my forehead! Luckily they were using the word 'like' and not 'love'.
Yesterday, when we watched Heal The World MTV and we sang along together. April suddenly corrected me and said, "Mummy, you sang wrongly, 'make it a better day', and not 'make it better day', you always miss out the 'a' one.". She was quite dissatisfied and continued saying, "Michael Jackson was singing the 'a', I'm singing the 'a' also, only you are not singing the 'a'." .Slap my forehead again! She was really studying the lyric.


  1. Like mother like daughter :D

  2. She's a very brilliant girl yah..Haha

  3. Cassie, thanks. She told me she wants to be MJ's wife. My goodness!
    I just told her MJ is too old to be your grand dad.