Quarantine weekend

Don't be shocked by the title of this blog. Our home has no H1N1 case at this moment. I put that as the title, as we really locked ourselves at home, due to the confirmed H1N1 case in my area was reported in the press on last Friday. We didn't go shopping, movie and restaurant at all. We cooked, played, read, watched TV/DVD at home only. Moreover, last weekend was a rainy weekend. They were just recovered from the sore throat and cough, I didn't want them to catch any flu again, so we just kept ourselves warm at home.
My children didn't feel bored, they were good at keeping themselves busy with blocks and toys.
April built herself a small hut. She told me the 3 connected fans on the fence was the merry-go-round, and the round shape one was the fairy wheel. That reminded me of the Neverland ranch of MJ. Hehehehe...
These small hut and broken fence was built by May, but she told me that it was not fence, it was a railway path.
This evening, we didn't go out for their favourite wantan mee. I just let them take Gardenia Chocolate bread for supper.
Luckily, they still happy and finished all the bread. Look at the bottle on the floor. It was honey. I made them drinking honey these two days, as honey has also been used for centuries as a treatment for sore throats and coughs, and according to recent research may in fact be as effective as many common cough medicines.
Later at the evening, after brushing their teeth and changing them into pajamas. They asked me to play their favourite DVD. From their action on the pic, do you know which DVD they were watching? No, not Tom and Jerry. No, not Mickey Mouse, not Princess series as well. They have changed their liking now to watch MJ's MTV. They watched it on almost every evening.
They were using the whiteboard erasable pens as the mic, and the couch as the stage. Guess what song they were singing now? They most favourite song was ...................................................
"You are not alone". April knows how to sing 80% of this song lyric. May was not bad too. She could sing 40% of it. They are the big fan of the King of Pop now.

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