The reward and the punishment

Despite of having mild fever and sore throat last Friday, April could still manage to be the champion in the mathematics contest. I actually took a day off and went to fetch her back slightly earlier than usual for the doctor appointment. Later in the afternoon, I received a SMS from her form teacher, she is also the principal of her kindergarten. The message text this way "Maths contest result: champion April age5 100/100, first runner up Wen Ting age5 92/100, second runner up Pui Yee age6 80/100. TQ. ". Hubb has promised to reward her a tricycle for her best performance in her mid year examination in May. We felt a bit guilty as we still haven't had time to get her a new tricycle. Since she has done so well again in the mathematics contest, we have to made her dream come true.
May is lucky to have a smart jie jie. When we buy for April, we also have to buy another one for May to avoid their fighting and my headache.
It was already late in the evening, they still insisted to try on their new tricycles for just a little while.
Just look at their expression, you should know that hey are really fond of their new tricycle.
So, I make a deal with both of them. The deal with May is to stop crying when waking up from the nap in the babysitter's house. She has this bad habit since long ago. She likes to get the attention of the babysitter by crying loudly when waking up from her nap. The deal with April is to drink more water in school. However, both of them forget about the deal and failed their mission on the next day. I punished them by removing the privilege of riding their new tricycle in the evening.
I have turned on the TV and switched to their most favourite Disney Playhouse Channel, .......................................................................................but they were still obsessed with their new loves. Their new loves were parked at outside of the sliding door, so they kept staring at them, and forgetting about the TV.


  1. wow, you must be so proud of your princess ... she sure has the smarty look :) well done, princess!

  2. I could feel their sorrow in the last picture. :B

  3. Ching Lan, is that you? Why you stop blogging after one very nice entry.

    Yvonne, yes, at that moment, I felt a bit guilty too. That day, I was really tired to let them ride the tricycles that evening. I had to watch them like a hawk, you know? Tedious job, especially after a long tired working day.

  4. oh gosh, i totally forgotten abt that blog! sigh ... it brought back so much emotion reading it again ... ya, i'm guilty of not continuing with the excuse of 'too busy' ... a bit lame eh ... now sometimes i've forgotten abt hailey's growing milestone, and then i hated myself for not blogging more diligently!
    must really buck up dy ... thanks for the reminder :)