Soup of the week 7

This weekend I boiled shark fin melon and sweet corn soup, fried french beans with bacon again, and Japanese tofu with minced pork for my children and hubb.

I'm not going to share how to do this soup anymore, the instruction was similar to Soup of the week 3. I just replaced the watercress with sweet corn only. This soup was tasted really well and sweet.

Instead, I would like to share how I prepared the str fried french beans with bacon, and Japanese tofu with minced pork.

1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/2 Teaspoon Black Soy Bean Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon Soy Bean Sauce
120ml (1/2 Cup) Water
1 Teaspoon Cornflour

100g Minced Pork
Packet Japanese Tofu, pieced

I deep fried the Japanese tofu first, as it required more oil, and the balance of the oil, I could later utilise for frying the subsequent dishes. This step may require more time to fry the tofu into golden brown color.
Remove and set apart in plate. I have to make a special remark here. Remember not to slice the tofu too thin, the thinner tofu will tend to crack while frying in hot oil. 1cm thickness is good enough.

The remaining oil was scooped out partially. Stir fried grated garlic first, and then bacon until they turned into golden brown.
Put in the french beans and continue to stir fried for another 5 minutes. Add salt for taste.

Remove and spread some meat floss on top before served.

Put in all the remaining oil that have set apart just now. Stir fried grated garlic, and put in the minced pork bit by bit. Continue to stir fry, in order not to let the minced pork stick together. Put in all the seasoning and stir fried until it totally boiled.

Again, the Japanese tofu with minced pork was so dark in color. Don't laugh please, too much dark soy source available at home. I must remember not to put so much next time, mind you.
Overall, the soup was nice and sweet, the Japanese tofu with minced pork was quite salty, the stir fried french beans with bacon was so so only. Still a long way for me to improve my bad cooking skills. Sigh....


  1. Mmmm.... japanese tofu with minced pork looks delicious. I wanna try that someday.

  2. Hehehe, very easy only, you should try.