Soup of the week 8

This was another Chinese herbs with lean pork soup. The Chinese herbs were 玉竹 Solomon's Seal Rhizome, 党参 Codonopsis Pilosulae and 红枣 Red Dates.
Basically, all the ingredients have to be washed and tossed. Put everything into slow cooker, add in water and boil for 3 to 4 hours.

Then I was spending my time on the other dishes, steamed egg with lean pork, and Japanese curry with carrot, onion, potato and lean pork. Hehehehe, until here, you may be laughing, why all the dishes were having pork? The answer was simple, I only had pork in my fridge. Lol!

Steps to prepare it:
1. Prepare the minced pork.
2. Scatter a pinch of salt on it, and set aside for making steamed egg later.
3. Slice the lean pork into tiny slices for the Japanese curry.

4. Unseal the Vermont brand Japanese curry. It comes with 12 servings, I used 6 serving for my family of 4.

5. Prepare a bowl of hot water, soak the whole 6 servings of Japanese curry cube inside it.
6. Slightly mix it to make it melt in the hot water.
7. Slice Carrot, Onion and Potato into cubes.

8. Chop garlic.

9. Heat the wok with oil. Put in the garlic, stir fry until it became brown, put in sliced lean pork. Continue to stir fry until the lean pork was slightly cooked. Put in all the veggies and 2 cups of water. Lid the wok for 10 minutes to allow the veggie to become softer.

10. Open the lid and pour in the Japanese curry that was melted in hot water earlier.

11. Cook in the wok until it was boiled.
12. Remove from fire and serve.
13. Beat 4 eggs into a bowl, add in 1 cup of water. Pour the egg on the minced pork, stir well.

14. Steam the egg and minced pork in a wok for 10 minutes.
Overall rating: The soup and steamed egg were conisdered ok only. Japanese curry was really delicious, even April and May love it.

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