Talk 9 - Face mask and H1N1 Flu

Wednesday evening, April went to her Mental Arithmetic (XinXuan) lesson. I needed to go to Tesco for a while, and I had to bring May with me. In Tesco's car park, I briefed May, "There is a virus, it will be inhaled through our noses and got into our body. The virus is very harmful and it kills. So, you have to wear this face mask to go into Tesco.". She nodded. I helped her to put the face mask on. Then, she said something to me. May is originally a soft spoken person, with the face mask on, I could hardly hear her voice. I put my ear closer to her mouth, and I finally heard her.

She said, "Mummy, you go and buy one more face mask for yourself.".

In my heart, I laughed at her thoughtfulness. Immediately, I took out one new face mask from my hand bag and wore it myself. Together, we went into Tesco. My little girl is so sweet.