The purchase of the month in September

Time flies, September month was over. Hayley had a 20% discount voucher at Vincci and it expired by October. Together my colleagues and myself went to Vincci during our lunch time. We saw a lot of boxes pending for displaying were there at the middle of the outlet. Since there were so many new arrival only available later in the day, we just proceeded to have our lunch at Old Town. Too bad that we encountered with the unpleasant situation, and received the bad service from the waitress. I do not want to mention here anymore, and Hayley has merely talked about it in her blog.

I better shared about something more pleasant on the first day of October. Without wanting to waste the 20% discount voucher, I took over the voucher from Hayley, and went for a short retail therapy again with my little May after sending April to her UCMAS Mental Arithmetic lesson. I also bumped into Angeline there.
These were my hunting.
A green flat pumps, a black 1.5inches heel sandals, and a big black hand bag. I love the hand bag, as it can transform into smaller hand bag with a buckle attached inside the bag. So, one bag with 2 designs, good purchase!
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Raya Hari Keempat 2009 - Dinner

I was very outdated to write this post. Hayley, Angeline and Yvonne were already blogging about it the day after the event. Since there were so many pictures available, no way that I am going to waste it, right? I must share the pictures with my dearest readers out there. I have mentioned in my earlier entry that I was attending a colleague's wedding dinner in the evening.

I was quite excited, as it was not only a wedding dinner that served good food, it was also a time for the colleagues to get together for photographing, chit-chatting, gossiping, and being entertained by certain scenes and people. The ladies group picture.4 MIS ladies from the right (Mei, me, Lorita and Yvonne) and one Finance lady (Angeline) at the left.The same 4 MIS ladies plus Sim ( below right) who is the MIS AM, and Yee Ting (stood behind me) is our user from Production.
I purposely put up these 2 pictures. One was taken right before the dinner started. I still looked fresh here. After 3 hours, before the last dessert was served. My look was so tired here.

Overall, it was a nice event that all of us enjoyed. Congratulation to Mandy and Fuego. They are a very matching couple.

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May has a good habit

This title sounds like 'Mary had a little lamb'. May has a good habit that I noticed and observed for quite some time. She would pick up a story book after I had brushed her teeth, washed her face and changed her into her pajamas. Without anyone telling her to do so, she has practised this habit for quite a while already. I felt so happy with my little May, I decided to snap her pics without her awareness.

May was reading her jie jie's Peter and Jane book.

May was reading some board books.

May was still reading the same type of board books, which I got it free from the purchase of Anmum Essential formula milk. Oh! She was scratching her head while reading books.

I give you a tips. Read to your baby in your womb, when you are pregnant.
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Tomorrow is my husband's Birthday. We had celebrated it on last Wednesday in advance. I have blogged about it here. The celebration was indeed simple and actually nothing worthwhile to mention. Instead of wishing him "Happy Birthday", I want to replace it with "Thank You".

I want to thank my husband for being
1. my multipurpose servant. He helps me to do the 95% of the house chores and fixes 100% of he house equipments. He is a super duper maid, his tardiness can beat up to 2 Indonesia maids in your house.

2. my financial controller. I depend on him to plan my expenses, investment and saving plans.

3. my money and car petrol auto replenished machine. He helps me to top up the cash in my wallet. He also helps me to fill petrol. My car is having same good life as my wallet, they will never go empty.

4. my weight loss program motivator. He will consume all the balance of my food that I order just to taste for a few bites and quench my desire. He will also motivated me to do more work out in gym, yoga and aerobics.

5. my garbage truck. He will be the first one to take in my tantrum and anguish.

6. my listener. To hear all my complaints and problems which I faced in the day.

7. my daughter's tuition teacher. He is the most dedicated tuition teacher whom I can ever count on April's study.

8. my driver. He has a good sense of direction. He will never get lost while driving. He is as good as a postman or a taxi driver. I can rely on him by just giving an address, he will drop me at the door knob.

9. my gardener. He likes to do gardening. So, in fact I shouldn't take this as one credit, but I have to show my appreciation as well for having a complimentary garden.

10. my friend, companion and life partner. Though I didn't tell him how much these things meant to me, I just feel comfortable and secured being with him, and he is the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life.

Last but the least, thanks for the most valuable gift - My husband has given me; Are my 2 wonderful and the best kids- And I thank him, For the wonderful family he has given me. My heart is forever his.
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Raya Hari Keempat 2009 - Lunch

On last Wednesday, the company was still on its Raya Plant Shut Down holiday. Since April had no school and hubb was also at home. We celebrated hubb's birthday in advance. We went to the newly opened Flemington hotel to try the western food.

While waiting for the food, we took some random pics.

The food, Lamb Steak and Fish & Chip were here. We also ordered Spaghetti Aglio Aglio and Fried Hokkien Mee, which were in not in the pictures.

Then, of course, there was a birthday cake, which I ordered from Tops Bakery.

After singing 2 rounds of Birthday song, April and May waited for daddy to cut the cake.

We went up to the roof top, there was the Sky Bar and swimming pools. We left for home to take a nice sweet nap together, as I still had Raya Hari Keempat 2009 - Wedding Dinner in the evening. It has been a year that I last went to a wedding dinner. To my surprise, it was my first time to attend a colleague's wed, after I worked in this company for 6 years long. I missed quite a number of the invitations, due to certain unforeseen reasons.
I went to the dinner alone. Hubb was kind enough to help me watching my two princesses. While waiting for my colleague, Khoo to pick me up, I asked April to snap a picture of May and me. First time, my head was cut off 20%. Second time, I even lost the eyes. May be because she is too short to snap good picture of my whole body. Third time actually was quite ok one, just that her finger was in the picture too. This was the best picture after she has tried four times.

You can see that how tension May and my expressions were.
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Raya Hari Ketiga 2009

This day I needed to return to office to work for extra hours on some urgent matters. It wasn't that bad, as Hasniza brought us lot of Raya cookies and cakes. Die! Sure gain weight after having so much cookies.
Besides Hasniza, Yvonne, Lorita and Angeline were there too. While rushing on the assigned tasks, we still could steal some seconds to take pictures.

Pardon me for being a bit self obsessive here, I think I look thin in this attire.

With Angeline and her son, Calvin. Calvin was a happy boy that day, as he got to eat the Raya cookies.
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Raya Hari Kedua 2009

On Raya Hari Kedua, which was last Monday, Hubb needed to cover for his Malay colleague at job. I was alone at home babysitting my two princesses.
I bought these RM10 flowery home clothes from TESCO for my princesses. They were a bit too loose for them now.
After bathing and changing my princesses, I occupied myself with making the Chocolate coated Cornflakes, which I read from Wokkingmom and tasted from From Taiping With Love. Now was my turn to try it out.
Boil a wok of water. Turn the fire to low. Place a bigger heat proof bowl over the water.
Break chocolate and place inside bowl. Stir to melt the chocolate. Add in butter and stir to melt together with the chocolate.
Pour in the corn flakes. Stir gently, not to crush the corn flakes. Coat corn flakes well with chocolate.
Spoon chocolate coated cornflakes on to paper cups.
I had my children to sprinkle the colour chocolate balls over it.
They loved doing this job. They took turn to do it.
If they accidentally spilled the colour chocolate balls into the plate, they would dip them up with their finger and put them directly into the mouth.
Cool it to set in the refrigerator.
After the cookies were set in, store them into the container, and I still kept them in the refrigerator.
After all the hassle, it was time to prepare the meal. I was going to cook Japanese curry chicken.
Stir fried the grated garlics until they became golden brown. Pour in the chicken which I had marinated with soy source, salt and sugar for an hour in the refrigerator. Continue to stir fry until the chicken was cooked.
Then, put in the carrot and continue to stir fry for 5 minutes.
Pour in the Japanese curry and water. Lid the wok for 10 minutes. Remove from fire and serve.
Not forgetting the soup of the week, this was papaya with pork ribs soup. If you want to boil papaya soup, you have to use the papaya which is only 50% riped. The papaya with pork ribs soup was really sweet and delicious.After feeding my two princesses rice and soup, each of them got one chicken drumstick to chew on. They love chicken drumstick. My next attempt is to cook them some fried chicken drumsticks.
In the evening, after the dinner, I did some homework revision with April, as her final exam is around the corner.
It was still ample time before the bedtime, I occupied them with some colouring work.
That's all the things that we did on Raya second day. I guess I will keep updating on how I spent my Raya holidays until I get back to my routine working days. Hope you won't get bored.
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