Singlets and boxers are our most commonly wore house clothes. This red checker boxer which I was wearing was previously belong to my husband. He claimed that it was too tight for him to have good air ventilation. Jialat! He wanted to dispose it. I took it back and kept it in my wardrobe as my new love. The blue teddy bear boxer was my pre-loved. I have been wearing it for quite some time. It is actually getting looser and bigger now, and I feel that it may have better air ventilation for my husband. So, I put it in my husband wardrobe on one evening. Some people would exchange their clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories with their siblings or parents. I envy them. Some people like me, who have Mat Salleh body, can exchange boxers and jeans with the husband. Not bad also wert! Wakakakaka!

A proof for you who don't know me in personal. I am the tallest although there are 2 guys in the photo below.

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