DIY Cartoon Magnets

After hearing so much from Yvonne and reading her entry here about the fun of making magnets, I also wanted to make some cartoon magnets for my girls. Thanks Yvonne for helping me to buy these magnetic rubber sheets from one of the local bookstores.
Buying at RM5.90 each. One side of the page is magnetic and the other side of the page is rubber.
After Yvonne passed the magnetic rubber sheet to me in the office, I was thinking where to get the good, cheap and nice cartoon stickers. Again, she shared with me a place that I can count on. One Price Shop really didn't disappoint me. I bought 2 big stickers there. They were really cheap, only RM1.90 each. Good thing must share. Sharing is caring, wakakaka!
Stick the cartoon sticker on the rubber page. Use a pair of scissor to cut the sticker's shape out.
April was excited with the new DIY magnets. She urged me to let us make more magnets again.

While May posing for the camera, Papa called back and she wanted to tell him about the new magnets.
They had so much fun with these Mickey Mouse club house characters DIY magnets.
The cartoon magnets are so cute and useful.
These magnets can be used to stick the photos on fridge,
to be a decoration and
to stick notes, memo and drawing on whiteboard.

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  1. Hello

    I want to do the same for me and my children here in Africa. I love what you have. Please inbox me and tell me how i can get the materials pls. mwangi.elizabeth(at)gmail.com