The finest hours

The finest hours are the night that we can sleep until noon on the next day. Before we enjoy these finest hours, the children will take their last milk of the day while watching TV. They are allowed to choose their favourite programs or shows. This night, they opted for MJ's video.After the milk, they will be sent back to their own room to Zzzzzzzzz...

The finest hours begin with a big plate of fruit like this one,
and this one.
These are our finest snack as the supper. Lots of Vit, and low in fat.

Just two of us, lie low, while munching the fruit bite by bite, we watch dramas. The drama that we are currently "chasing" is Black & White 《痞子英雄》. (This is one of the best Taiwanese police drama with high quality director, actors and actresses. Compact story line, fascinating scene with challenging stunts. Romancing couples with many pretty faces that spark up your thrilling senses. Tell you secretly, this is also the first Taiwanese drama that my hubb watches, as he hates those Romantic dramas acted by young idols one.)
Where is the other leg of us? Why only one leg is seen? Don't think too much. The other leg is just bending only. This is the most comfortable posture. If you don't believe me, you can try to half lie on the bed, with one knee bend over and the other one rest straight. Must try tonight, ok?


  1. I thought your kids watch MJ every night? Not "tonight" only, I guess.

  2. No la! Some nights, they watched Bug Bunny.