Tomorrow is my husband's Birthday. We had celebrated it on last Wednesday in advance. I have blogged about it here. The celebration was indeed simple and actually nothing worthwhile to mention. Instead of wishing him "Happy Birthday", I want to replace it with "Thank You".

I want to thank my husband for being
1. my multipurpose servant. He helps me to do the 95% of the house chores and fixes 100% of he house equipments. He is a super duper maid, his tardiness can beat up to 2 Indonesia maids in your house.

2. my financial controller. I depend on him to plan my expenses, investment and saving plans.

3. my money and car petrol auto replenished machine. He helps me to top up the cash in my wallet. He also helps me to fill petrol. My car is having same good life as my wallet, they will never go empty.

4. my weight loss program motivator. He will consume all the balance of my food that I order just to taste for a few bites and quench my desire. He will also motivated me to do more work out in gym, yoga and aerobics.

5. my garbage truck. He will be the first one to take in my tantrum and anguish.

6. my listener. To hear all my complaints and problems which I faced in the day.

7. my daughter's tuition teacher. He is the most dedicated tuition teacher whom I can ever count on April's study.

8. my driver. He has a good sense of direction. He will never get lost while driving. He is as good as a postman or a taxi driver. I can rely on him by just giving an address, he will drop me at the door knob.

9. my gardener. He likes to do gardening. So, in fact I shouldn't take this as one credit, but I have to show my appreciation as well for having a complimentary garden.

10. my friend, companion and life partner. Though I didn't tell him how much these things meant to me, I just feel comfortable and secured being with him, and he is the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life.

Last but the least, thanks for the most valuable gift - My husband has given me; Are my 2 wonderful and the best kids- And I thank him, For the wonderful family he has given me. My heart is forever his.


  1. Hayley, so sweet? who? He or me?

    Same to Yvonne, thoughtful? who?

    Btw, he is really sweet and thoughtful in all the things that I mentioned in this entry. There was also situation that he wasn't sweet at all. May be I have to compile and blog it when he gets on my nerve next time.