Princesses posters on the wall

My two princesses adore Disney Princesses very much. So, when we came to think of decorating their room, we also thought of the Disney Princesses. I searched and downloaded some nice wallpapers from Internet. Hubb brought the soft copy to the advertisement shop, had them to create and enlarge the wallpaper into a poster.
When they were done, Hubb drilled them on the children bedroom's wall.
My two princesses are having fantasy to be one of the princesses in every dream they made at their sleep.
Some nights they would tell me that they wanted to be Belle, some other nights they would tell me that they wanted to be Snow White and so on.
However, when I asked them, "Who is your prince charming?". They would tell me "Papa.". LOL! Papa is the only man they adore now.


  1. These posters are nice! Btw, April's pose looked like someone,... MJ.

  2. Hahaha!But they were like stone, when I brought them to take photos at Lemon Tree this morning.