The purchase of the month in September

Time flies, September month was over. Hayley had a 20% discount voucher at Vincci and it expired by October. Together my colleagues and myself went to Vincci during our lunch time. We saw a lot of boxes pending for displaying were there at the middle of the outlet. Since there were so many new arrival only available later in the day, we just proceeded to have our lunch at Old Town. Too bad that we encountered with the unpleasant situation, and received the bad service from the waitress. I do not want to mention here anymore, and Hayley has merely talked about it in her blog.

I better shared about something more pleasant on the first day of October. Without wanting to waste the 20% discount voucher, I took over the voucher from Hayley, and went for a short retail therapy again with my little May after sending April to her UCMAS Mental Arithmetic lesson. I also bumped into Angeline there.
These were my hunting.
A green flat pumps, a black 1.5inches heel sandals, and a big black hand bag. I love the hand bag, as it can transform into smaller hand bag with a buckle attached inside the bag. So, one bag with 2 designs, good purchase!


  1. Wow.. good lo. get to add on your shoes collection again.. i went there too last night, but dint see anything fancy.. positive thinking, can save money! :p

  2. I must pay a visit there too! But I wanna wait for the next sales. Now pokai....

  3. My wallet is having big hole now. Retail therapy is only advised to do it occasionally.

  4. I'm also controlling my spending...so i just bought a pair, which i really really need it...