Raya Hari Keempat 2009 - Dinner

I was very outdated to write this post. Hayley, Angeline and Yvonne were already blogging about it the day after the event. Since there were so many pictures available, no way that I am going to waste it, right? I must share the pictures with my dearest readers out there. I have mentioned in my earlier entry that I was attending a colleague's wedding dinner in the evening.

I was quite excited, as it was not only a wedding dinner that served good food, it was also a time for the colleagues to get together for photographing, chit-chatting, gossiping, and being entertained by certain scenes and people. The ladies group picture.4 MIS ladies from the right (Mei, me, Lorita and Yvonne) and one Finance lady (Angeline) at the left.The same 4 MIS ladies plus Sim ( below right) who is the MIS AM, and Yee Ting (stood behind me) is our user from Production.
I purposely put up these 2 pictures. One was taken right before the dinner started. I still looked fresh here. After 3 hours, before the last dessert was served. My look was so tired here.

Overall, it was a nice event that all of us enjoyed. Congratulation to Mandy and Fuego. They are a very matching couple.

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