Raya Hari Pertama 2009

Hubb's aunt's famiy was coming from Ipoh. We brought them and another aunt, together with my PIL, to Kuala Sepatang to have seafood for dinner. We had to go there really early, especially during holidays, as the place was famous with fresh and cheap seafood. So, it is very crowded at the dinner time. Your patience will be challenged from the time you order the food, till the time your food is serve. I was able to make my children nap slightly early than usual, and wake them up a bit earlier as well. I was taking the nap together with them, so we felt really good when we left home about 5pm.

The first picture was taken, when FIL and May were looking at the fishing boats.

I like this picture, too bad that it was a bit dark. We could the river view while enjoying our dinner.

When the first few dishes were out, we were totally excited and gobbled down the food, and I of course were one of the hungry ghosts. (Luckily, the ghost month was over. ) I only remembered to take picture when I was almost full. So, I managed to take this spicy crabs picture for your viewing pleasure.

After the dinner and also enough rest, my children were joyful.

April was happier than usual, as I seldom gave them such freedom to run and play around.

The children were running around the field outside the restaurant. We left the place around 7pm. We went home for a quick shower, before we went to Lake Garden to play lanterns and candles.

How you know that it was Hari Raya?

Could you see those Malays wearing colourful baju Malayu at the back?

We brought along SIL's son. He was a good playmate to my children.

I end the post with one picture of myself. The weather in that evening was blissful. Everyone felt so nice on this day.

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