Shaolin monk or gangster?

I can't help, but to laugh in my heart while I want to start this post. In another part of me, I am actually afraid of getting a good scolding from him.

He has been engaged himself in a series of strict body building programs for the past few years. Whenever I was running out of topic to blog, I begged him to let me take a photo of his body and blog about his hard work. Of course, he rejected the idea. May be because he was still lacking of confident in his result. Until a few nights ago, as usual he tried to pose in front of the mirror. He is so lame right? He said to me that he couldn't see the muscle at his back properly through the mirror. So, I suggested him that I helped him to take a picture of his back. Then, he could see it clearer from the picture. He finally agreed.
I was laughing so hard, and yet had to control it from bursting out, after successfully tricked him to let me take the picture of his body. However, I feel something is still missing from his body. I think if he can have a tattoo on his tree trunk alike arms that will surely make his muscular body more stand out. He just had a hair cut in the morning, so he is either looking like a Shaolin monk who has Kung Fu, or a gangster who doens't have tattoo.
Pray hard, hopefully he doesn't get to know this post, otherwise, he sure kills me one.


  1. lol.... :D
    i cant imagine how he'll react when he sees this post... ;)

  2. Wakakaka, he's a good poser. But kinda, emm, bodoh(?) to kena this trick.

  3. He sure kills me one, don't know should confess to him first or not?