Talk 10 - My home

April drew My Home on her last weekend art lesson. The art teacher asked them to use their own imagination and creativity to draw freely on this title. April drew the picture of 3 houses (or towers?) which connected with 2 link ways (or bridges?) again. I have explained about this picture in my entry here. She had it painted this time. The art teacher also let them try mixing and matching the colours. When she brought this home, she was happily told me that she got 2 rubber stamps again (1 rubber for average; 2 rubber stamps for good). While taking a look at the drawing, I hurried her to go washing off the paint on her hands.

Little May asked while pointing to the left house and the right house, "Mummy, which one is mine?" .
Mummy said, "I don't know, you ask jie jie later.".
Little May asked again while pointing to the smallest pink house (or hut?) which I didn't notice it earlier, "Mummy, why got a small house here?"
April shouted from the bathroom loud and clear, "That is the dog house.".
All of us speechless......Do we have a dog?
Oh I see! The triple towers are our future home, may be dog is our future pet.


  1. Haha, initially I thought the small hut is for little May (if you didn't explain in your earlier entry) because little May is 'little' literally.

    Eh, i think it's time for you to get a pet. You, too once had a dog when you were younger :D

  2. Angeline, when they are not annoyed me, they are cute.

    Yvonne, I didn't notice it at my first glance. May is so sharp, may be she is worrying that her jie jie drew the small hut for her only.