Webcam Jakun

Hubb was at work, the children was already in bed. I was alone and thinking of on 9 for a while before I headed to bed. Too bad, the streamyx didn't work properly. Though the network was connected, I still couldn't load any web page successfully. So boring! Then, I thought of the conversation on web cam that I had with Hayley at the office. It is a good time for me to explore the web cam. Yes, I admitted that I'm 'jakun'. No joke, this was the first time I used web cam.

The first 3 pictures of mine. A bit stone and uneasy.

Second batch of pictures. Getting more fun and natural.

More and more 'shiok sendiri'.

I love all these pictures of mine being lame in my own bedroom, when no one was around, and I was real with no make up, messy hair and my specs.

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