Yeah! I am the winner

Last month, I blogged in an entry for the contest to win 2 beautiful handmade cards. To my surprise, the winner is me. Wah! So happy when I received the SMS from Yvonne on a Saturday, when she still bored to die in the office and I was busy with my cooking. I couldn't believe in my luck at all. I checked in y-shong handmade craft to confirm in the noon.

After dropping the website owner, Rebecca Ng an email of my postal address, I received the cards in only a couple of days. Rebecca is so responsive and efficient. Thanks again!
Here are the 2 beautiful homemade cards from y-shong handmade craft.


  1. Congrats! Now you can use it for your hubby's upcoming birthday!

  2. wah you always so lucky one!!

  3. Ya..i sawthe name...sheoh yan appeared in her blog..but i dunno is u bo?..Anyway congrats!!! U r lucky

  4. Aiyo Angeline, how can? you don't know sheoh yan is me.