Evening look

This is not a HORROR MOVIE poster!

This is me before bedtime. My children were trained to accept this look eversince they knew I was their mother.

I switched between the Proactive Solution Refining Mask and JE Exfoliating Mask No.42 every different night. More details on my facial products that I used are here and here.I would like to share another joke of this picture with you. Hubb and I were enjoying a horror movie "Drag me to hell" via the laptop, which connected to the 37 inches TV monitor. We both pay full concenstration on the screen. I was actually covering my whole body and half of my face with the blanket. Listening to all the scary sound effect, I peeped at the TV on and off. Out of a sudden, this picture emerged on the screen. Huh! Scaring us only.

Hubb forgot to turn off the power safe mode, so the monitor suddenly turned to screen saver, which had set to My Picture Slideshow. FML! Hubb said, "Wah Lau! I thought the real ghost was out.".


  1. Wakaka, so funny. You should titled it "Drag Him to Hell"!

  2. Hahaha...I've watched that as well. Nice movie.,

  3. Basically, this movie was actually scared us like hell. My photo also gave some special effect, as it came out in the same interval. LOL!