Genting 2009 Day 1

It is kinda boring for you to read about my family trip at Genting in details, I don't want my readers to doze off before reading till the last paragraph. I better make this travel/holidays post brief and sweet.
We started off from home around 10.30am on Sunday.
We reached sister's house at Ipoh to dispose some biological waste. BIL treated us "dim sum" as our early lunch (the children had their usual morning milk for breakfast, hubb and I skipped the breakfast.)
After that, we headed straight to Genting.
The children finally napped in the car. After camwhoring for a while, I was taking a cat nap too. Pitying my hubb that he has to be awaked and drive us safely to the destination.
Get into the cable car. April and May were still joyful and excited, although this was the 4th time for April and second time for May to be there.
Hubb get a number at the First World hotel front desk, it was 200+ numbers away from the called number. It considered quite lucky this time, the previous trip we got a number , which was 1000+ away from the called number, and we waited for nearly 5 hours to get into a room. By doing some calculation to average the waiting time vs the numbers apart, we finally made a conclusion of 200 numbers required approximately 1 hour waiting time. In order to kill the 1 hour, I bought 2 Nestle drumsticks for my girls. It cost double the normal price, but it worth every sen of it to keep them entertained and occupied by licking at the cones. We checked into 2 rooms, one for the children and one for ourselves. Take a quick shower to get rid of the tiredness and soreness due to long hours waiting and sitting, and we came out for dinner.
This dining place called Happy Valley Chinese Restaurant. We were too hungry when seeing the food, totally forget to snap pictures. I told myself to remember taking pictures at my next meal.
To be continue.....


  1. The 1st photo is really really beautiful.

    This is quite difficult for me to leave message in blogger. I hope i am success this time :)

  2. CY, glad to see your comment. I really heart all the pictures in your blog. Your Angie looks so much alike KW. She is very adorable. May be we should meet up in Taiping one day, I want to have you taking photos for us. Can?

  3. April & May, what a lovely name!

    first time here..... :)

  4. Jesslyn,

    Simply because they born in April and May.

    I have placed an order for the dresses in your blog.

  5. No problem to take photos for them. ha ha ha.. But it must be outdoor. My lens are sunshine lens, cant really take indoor.

    Most important, I am still learning.Dont give it high expectation.

    The most important thing is the kids must be happy and relax. Then the photos sure nice :)