Genting 2009 Day 2

Day 2, we woke up at 9am. I only made the 2 girls milk, then we came out to theme park already with empty stomach.
We started with all the joy rides.
Fun, fun and fun.
The first family picture was in the Chocolate World, which sold Beryl's chocolates. We actually sat on the chocolates benches.
This place reminded me of the Alice in the Wonderland.
This clock reminded me of the Peter Pan's clock tower.

The children would never get sick of the rides, but by looking at them, I already felt so dizzy. Luckily, I didn't need to take panadol to get rid of the twinkle twinkle little stars above my head. We went back to hotel room to take a nap after the lunch at Ho Mei. Hubb sneaked out to casino for 2 hours while the children and I were taking nap.
Having dinner at Good Friends Chinese Restaurant. This time I remembered to snap photos already.
The girls had to be bribed with the rides at the indoor theme park, then only they would sit still to finish the dinner, because their minds had gone to the bumper cars ride.
We ordered Yeong Chow Fried Rice.
Kelabu Mango Chicken.
Claypot pork meat.
Steamed eggs.
After the dinner, the children continue with all the rides.
Merry go round.
Reindeer ride.
Checking out on the next day ....to be continued.

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