Genting 2009 Day 3

Waking up at 10am, the girls had their milk, then bathed and changed before we checked out from the First World hotel.
Taking some photos of them before saying good bye to Genting.
We were heading to Ulu Yam for our lunch. Hubb had been there before and he told me that the Loh Mee there was very yummy. So, I was quite excited for the lunch.
We ordered deep fried fucuk.
The deep fried fish cakes.
The fried hokkien mee for the kids.
The very famous loh mee for hubb and myself.
This was the portion of the loh mee that I had.
The guy at the shop told me 100gram of fresh big prawn with the fried yee mee cost only RM8. I had mistakenly heard it as RM8 for a plate of yee mee. So, I asked hubb to order the yee mee to try since we were already there.
This was my portion of fried yee mee with one fresh big prawn. All the noodles were very delicious. We were quite satisfied with the lunch. However when we received the bill, we saw the cost of the fried yee mee with 4 big prawns was actually RM45, we were stunned for a short while. Upon checking out with them, we realised it was me hearing wrongly. We still thought the price was quite reasonable and the food was really nice. We definitely want to visit this shop again if we go to Genting in future.
Remember to drop by this shop when you visit Genting, it is on the left hand side of the road from Genting to Ulu Yam.


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  2. yummy yummy food! will like to try that if i happen to go genting..hehe

  3. Hayley, you should go and try in future. The food is really delicious.