Happy Birthday to Hayley

8 Oct 2009 is Hayley 's birthday. Tonight we celebrate Hayley's birthday at LA Promise.
Hayley is my beautiful colleague. She is ringing her wedding bells in next March. Ain't she sweet? She has a very good sense of fashion and make-up.
She was so stunning at Fuego's wedding. So, I am pretty sure that she will be the most gorgeous bride on her own wedding.
Recently, she is trying to excel in her cooking and baking skills, in order to equip her to be a better wife.This was one of her best dessert attempts, Quai Leng Gou cooling jelly. I love to be her guinea pig.

Ain't she sweet?

Ain't she nice?

Ain't that perfection?

Mr. EK Chan is the luckiest man.

Hayley, see you tonight! Happy Birthday to you.


  1. Yan, thank you for this sweet post! *blush*
    never thought you will blog about it :D
    see you tonight!