Interesting things to do with husband

I am sure everyone have their own list of interesting things to do with their partner.

This is the list that I gathered so far, may be you can find your ideal things to do in it,
1. Baking or cooking together. ( I saw my friend Su In and her husband Alex did that before.)
2. Doing house chores together. (eg. Hang the laundry on the line together. )
3. Go for a late evening walk round a local park together. (My neighbour couple did that often.)
4. Have a bath together, help him to rub his back with body SPA scrub. (Really turning on him.)
5. Give each other a massage with aromatherapy essential oil.
6. Cuddle up and watch a film together. (I like this idea, but my hubb scares of my body heat.)
7. Listen and dance to your favourite music.
8. Jog together, with or without the dog in the park.
9. Shopping together, make sure you hold hands.
10. Singing Karaoke together. (Preferably duet lovey dovey songs.)
11. Doing puzzles together.
12. Packing a picnic in the park.
13. Gardening together.
14. Exercise together. (We went to gym together.)

Number 15. is our most interesting thing to do, I actually had elaborated on it here. Normally, hubb would give me a signal at a specific time, and I would rush my two girls to go to bed. Then, we both got ourselves ready for hanging out cheap but happy.
Beer and snack. Beer wasn't that cheap, ok! But snack was from the nearest Pasar Malam. Only RM 1 per pack.
He would set up the home theatre for us. Romantic ho?
p/s: Bear in mind, the beer and snack are not healthy for long term consumption. Once in while, never mind la! Due to the weight gained recently, I snack on this big plate of fruit now and totally fore go the beer and junk food.


  1. Very romantic lo~
    out of the 15 things, i did only about 5-6 things with my hubby. he's a lazy bump, doesnt like cooking nor doing house chores.

  2. Hayley,

    I gathered this list from everywhere, but I haven't really tried all the things there yet.