Lantern Festival 2009

Every year, we only allow the children to play lanterns on the 1st day until 15th day of 8th month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. They can only have fun with candles and lanterns for about 2 weeks time. This time was a bit better, as the first day fell on Raya eve. So my children had started to play lanterns during the Raya holidays.

First time was on Raya eve. They played at outside of our house.

Second time was on first day of Hari Raya. They played at Lake Garden.

Third time was on 27 September (Sunday).It was my SIL's birthday party, we had steamboat at her house.
They played at my SIL's house.

4th and 5th time was at my PIL's house. No pic was taken for that 2 days.

Then on the actual 15th day of 8th month, which was last Saturday. Again, we went back to PIL's house for the celebration. Except that hubb was still at work, he joined us there later in the evening.

April and May were not so keen on holding the lantern, they enjoyed to hold the candle below a cardboard more.
Lanterns were hanging up for decoration purpose only.
There was also a parade of adults and children holding lanterns, and also a giant lantern ship passing by PIL's house. Too bad that it was raining heavily and spoilt almost everyone mood there. Weather was one thing that out of our control. Nothing could do to stop the rain. Oops! No, something could help.
Food could help. Food could not help to stop the rain, but at least food could help to comfort everyone mind.

My children were enjoying the fancy looking grape shape jelly which was sponsored by my SIL. I sponsor the chocolate coated cornflakes and vitagen drinks.


  1. hey the candle stand very good...wont burnt ur gals hand!!! ur FIL made it?

  2. No, it was my SIL's son's idea, and my husband did for all of them.