Learn from the mistake

April had just finished her year end final exam. The hubb and myself were in much tension this round, as she did so well in her mid-year final exam. We were trying very hard to help her maintaining her good result as well as her top student award. Perhaps, we were trying too hard, and thus contributed a lot of impact at April's mind and the performance as a whole. April was also hoping to be in the top, in order not to disappointing us. Though, she didn't tell us.

She got back the exam papers. As what we expected, stress and pressure would eventually bring more harm than benefit. She only got 2 papers scored 100% this time, which were Maths and BM. English was 99%, 1% was deducted due to her clumsiness for not reading the instruction properly. She circled the answer, and it supposed to be underlined, but the questions were correctly answered. Chinese was the poorest this time, 96% due to several mistakes, which included she failed to differentiate between the dark green and the light green.

Anyway, the lesson has taught us a very valuable knowledge. We shouldn't put too much pressure and negative values on the kids. No doubt academy achievement is important, attitude and behavior are equally crucial for the kids' future undertakings. We as a parent need to always take a step back to check ourselves, we must understand that we also do mistake like the children. We have to teach the kids to learn from the mistake, heal from the pain, bare with the consequences and grow in their responsibility.

In fact, I am quite strict and firm in educating my children. However, when April accidentally shit on the pants at school and reluctant to tell me the truth when returned home, and I know I was wrong. I was at fault for, first not telling her how to handle the situation, when I wasn't with her. Second, too fierce until she was scared of getting scolded or punished by me. Third, showing too much temper when they made mistake, and cause them phobia to be honest.

Nevertheless, I know and I learn before too late. We will go to Genting for a short vacation after the weekend. This time we just go there for free and easy. I will let go the nag and cane, and I only want to bring my heart which is filling with love there.

Although we still don't know whether she can maintain her top student award, the award given ceremony is on 30 Oct, I had bought April a big and nice Disney Princess pencil case to reward her for all her hard work. I also bought a smaller Mickey and Minnie pencil case for May, just to avoid them from fighting. It can be flipped open from both sides. The pencil case came with a detachable sharpener which has 2 sizes of hole and one side pocket to hold the erasers.
The other side of her pencil case. May's pencil case has 2 sides as well, but it doesn't have sharpener and eraser's pocket. We are also preparing for May to go to the kindergarten next Jan.

To all my dearest friends out there, I will be away from blogging for a short while. Have a nice weekend and stay happy always until we meet again.


  1. April is good Yan...Anyway will keep ur advice in mind...

  2. Like I said before, "To err is human, to forgive divine". Nobody is perfect - that's including you, me and our kids.

    Good sharing your thought to us.

    Btw, I like April's pencil box. I think I'm gonna invest one too.

  3. Angeline,every child is good and unique in their own way, we just need to spend more time with each to them.

    Yvonne, the pencil case is so advance. The kids are so lucky nowadays. Thanks for the nice quote.

  4. Yan,

    Children are remarkable little humans. One must remember they are learning.

    Often not telling a parent the truth comes from a parents reaction when they told the truth in a previous exchange, and recieved a severe scolding or worse.

    When a parent can calmly explian why an action is wrong, and what might be done to prevent a repeat in the future, a child is more likely to respond with truthful answers to questions.

    Punishments should be used rarely.
    Time outs from play activity or if a child acts up when eating a meal is a very effective method.

    Tell a child to sit in one place and be quiet for five minutes, (an eternity for a child) can work wonders with behaviors.

    One more point, a husband and wife must use the same approach with discipline. If you tell your child to ask her father for a decision, this often leads children to learn to play one parent against the other. Be aware of what your husband thinks regarding child discipline.

    Some thought kindly shared with you from the United States.


  5. David, thanks for all the valueble advises. I really appreciated your thought here. Besides, I am glad to have a reader like you from US.