My best friend Cannie gave the inspiration to have this CROCS. My husband gave the motivation to get this CROCS. My sore toes after walking too long at Genting Theme Park gave the conclusion to buy this CROCS.

Model is Mary Jane in Chocolate.
• classic mary jane style fashioned with the comfort and uniqueness of crocs• sporty, yet totally chic • slip-resistant and non-marking soles• anti-microbial and odor resistant• made with croslite tm material

Sizing info
should not fit like other shoes.
They should fit very loosely. The sides of your foot should not really touch the sides of the shoe. Your toes should never make contact with the front of the shoe. Once you have centered your foot on the foot-bed:
You should have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space in front of your toes, behind your heel and when you lift the strap you should be able to comfortably get your finger between the strap and heel. In other words the fit should be “loose”. I know that this goes against everything that you have ever been used to in a shoe, but these are the parameters that the shoe was designed to be worn under.

1.) Really soft, super comfortable, molds to your feet
2.) Barely there, weighing only 6 ounces
3.) Vented so air passes through, keeping feet cool
4.) Non-marking slip-resistant soles
5.) Bacteria and odor resistant
6.) Ultra-hip Italian styling
7.) Port holes allow water and sand to pass through
8.) Can be sterilized in water and bleach
9.) Easy maintenance, just wipe clean
10.) Orthotic molded foot bed for ultimate comfort and support

Eversince I have her, I love her on every step I make. I have no regret to put my foot on her. She goes so well with all my outfits. CROCS rock!

More details on CROCS can be found here.

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