My vegetarian food

I was taking vegetarian food for the past few days during the Ninth Emperor's Birthday celebration. These were the food that I bought from the nearest vegetarian stall. This stall was really selling yummy vegetarian food, that made me still missing the food until now. Too bad that it only sold vegetarian food on this specific days. Vegetarian Chai Kueh was really soft and delicious.

Green and red beans soup was high in fiber and protein. It was healthy and it wasn't too sweet.

This vegetarian mihun rebus was the best in town. I took mihun rather than yellow noodle, as mihun lower in calories. The soup had a good mix of sweet, sour and spicy. Even the chillies were well blended.


  1. yea, the mee rebus is really nice~

  2. yup, I love the mee rebus too. thumbs up!

  3. Hayley and Yvonne, we have to wait until next year Chinese Lunar 9th month only get to enjoy the mee rebus again.