No.1 Moment

Today, April's nursery held the Awards Given Ceremony & Children Day. I purposely let her wear the dress that I bought from Kids Islands. I also reminded her to say "Thanks", and smile to camera, when she was up on stage. In the car, she opened up her bag, and showed me her trophies
, the Top Student Certificate and a balloon. She also brought back a pack of goodies that she didn't want to show in her pictures. May be she felt that the goodies were not something worth to show off in picture. lol!
Back to baby sitter's house, she wanted to show the trophies to the babysitter. The bigger trophy was Top Student, the other two was one for Maths Contest Champion and Best Writing.
Little May wanted to have a touch at the trophy as well.
At last, she didn't want to return to the Jie Jie and wanted to keep it as her toy. I quickly kept all the trophies back in the car, before the fighting started. Phew!


  1. Bravo to April! She's a smart girl

  2. Yvonne, Avery is good too. No need to study that hard like April, also can do well in school.