April got back the report card, and she still maintained her top student award. We had promised to buy her the 2 in 1 kitchen set from Tesco as the reward to her. Then, what to give to the little May? Yeah! There is a new toy which I won it from the Mother's day contest. Little May is a bit over-aged for having this toy. Never mind, children are always happy getting new toys.

Both kids were exploring on their own toys.
Little May started to play on the Playskool Zoo set.
April tried to fix the kitchen set herself.
April wanted to play the role as a hawker.
No choice little May had to be her first customer.
The customer is ordering food from the hawker.
I like the way little May sat in front of the store, as if she was at the Japanese restaurant.
Looking at this kitchen set, I feel that it is more suitable for little May's age group.
Later, they both wanted to be the hawkers and they wanted me to be their customer.

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