Dish and Dessert

Last Saturday, we brought kids to have fun in the shopping mall indoor playground. After spending about 2 hours in there, we went to McD for the the Mc Value Lunch at RM5.95. There, we had 4 packs of french fries that we could only finish 2 of them. I read from Nanncy Mummy before. The left over fries could be used to cook with fried eggs. So, I kept the left over fries in refrigerator when returned home.
On Sunday, I took out the fries and cut them into about 10 to 15 cm in length.
Beat 4 eggs and add a pinch of salt to taste. Heat up oil in wok, pour in the fries and follow by eggs. Turn the mixture to another side until the fried eggs were cooked.
Tadaaaa... French fries omelette.
I had a sudden thought to make Milo Jelly. I had almost all the ingredients except Milo. After sending April to her UCMAS class, I went to buy Milo with May.
5 table spoons of Milo
5 Pandan leaves, knotted
12 gram of jelly in straps
200 gram of rock sugar, but I replaced it with brown sugar.
250 litre water
Boil everything in a pot until the ingredients mixed well and melted.
Remove from fire and pour the mixture into containers. Store the jelly in refrigerator when it cold.


  1. Thank you for the delicious dessert. Er, can I expect another round? :D

  2. oh boy, i am so hungry now seeing all these yummy food.

  3. Yvonne, still owe you a lot of dessert. I will park in the dessert to do list.

    mommy to chumsy, not really yummy la! Simple dish and dessert only.

  4. oo, french fries omelette.. wanna try it next time!

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