Dress or gown?

Recently, I bought a few dresses for April and May. You can read from my entries here, here and here. However, April is still not really satisfying with all the dresses that I have bought for her. She likes gown more than dress. She likes gown with sleeves, be it short or long, but must have sleeves than sleeveless. But, I always find dress or gown with sleeves is very old fashion ("Loh Toh" in Cantonese). April can tell the differences between gown and dress as well, as gown is usually in satin and smoother material and longer in length than dress.

I sneaked out at boss's treat lunch last Friday to get her a gown (in fact, it is another dress again). I got her one size bigger dress, so that the lenght is long like gown for her. Hehehe! Another reason of me for not buying her a real gown is that I find gown is not so practical, and it usually can be wore on certain events only. Besides, mommy has to take care of her shrinking wallet too. This dress is only RM29, cheaper and more practical right? Her school has no uniform and she can wear to school wert! Deep in my heart, I also worried that she may not like it also this time.
I bluffed her and said this way, "April, look at this new dress that mommy bought for you this time. It has mini sleeves and it is long like a princess gown. Let's try on, darling.".
By looking at her expression here, I guess she likes it la!


  1. Good thing she likes it, despite being cheated by her mother, hehehee

  2. It is certainly not that easy to deal with kids nowadays. I have to think really hard when coaxing them

  3. very lovely dress. kids nowadays are very lucky huh? they can choose to wear what they like..heeeheeehe

  4. Mommy to Chumsy,
    What to do? When she doesn't like the clothes, she refuses to wear it. So, I have to choose the clothes that she likes.

  5. very hard to buy things for kids now hor? i also gotto tipu tipu my son to wear new shirt and shoes. Gotto somehow link it to the train in thomas and friends collection.

  6. True Sasha. I saw you sewing the Thomas Train on your son's T-Shirt.