Holiday classes for kids

April has no long school holidays like other children, as I registered April and also May for one month holiday courses. The course started right away when other children were celebrating the last day in school for year 2009. That means April only have 12 days of holidays in December, where as for May, she went to the same nursery with her jie jie on Monday. Although, May has gone to the I-Maths class on weekly basis, this could consider as the first and also more formal school day for her.
Monday morning was quite cold, I let them wear the same design of sweaters to school. May didn't show any sign of refusal to school like April last time. On the other hand, she was looking forwards to go to school.
I went to fetch them back from school on Tuesday noon. They wore the same design of leggings, that I bought at KL. They wear slippers to school, as they must remove shoes before stepping up the stair.
Wednesday, I didn't take any photo of them, but they wore their very favourite dresses to school.
They do not need to wear uniform to school, and thus make me crack my head every day to plan what I need to let them wear to school.


  1. The little one doesn't like to smile? She looks so cool + cute^^